Stephen Todd Walker is frequently sought after by national and local media to discuss his investment views and books.

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“An investor can lose a lot of money in very short duration with commodities if he or she buys too high.” Wave Theory for Alternative Investments   Pg 287 – Chapter 12

“Based on the U.S. economy in 2009, gold appears to be invincible.  Gold appears to be a win/win solution, but it will correct as it has in the past.” Wave Theory for Alternative Investments   Pg 331 – Chapter 13

“The internet provides an abundance of misinformation from people who think they know about alternative investments.” Page 44 ,Understanding Alternative Investments

“Alternative investments typically have a low correlation with stocks and bonds.  As we saw with managed futures, they have a negative correlation with equities and a low correlation with global bonds.”  Page 18.  Understanding Alternative Investments